Inspiration is so important and it’s not something that I talk about enough. Art is not made in a bubble. My growth and development as a ceramicist has occurred in tandem with a number of other artists that I respect in the field. Who these artists are change over time as I develop new techniques and ideas. However, I still keep the old influences in the back of my mind as I work.

As I write this, I find that I may be conflating “inspiration” with “influence.” I’m not sure if one can occur without the other even if we are not aware of this in our conscious headspace. Nothing ever really leaves our minds…those memories and ideas are deep down in there subtly impacting the way we behave. Something that we find good or beautiful never truly leaves us, it just gets added to the tangled web of memories dangling around in our subconscious. The ceramic artists who influence me have inspired me by their shapes, techniques, or mindset towards making.

I have included my favorite ceramic artists below so hopefully some of you can get inspired by them as well