Max Adelman Pottery


I have found myself working in a number of studios during my four-year career as a ceramic artist and am currently fortunate to be creating at The Chicago Ceramic Center. Here is where I make all of my own works and teach beginner workshops as well. i bring with me a considerable degree of discipline, care, and precision when I enter this space as I test the limits of both clay and myself.

Thank you for coming, and please do stay a while.

  • Feldspar 48% 48%
  • Iron 6% 6%
  • Red Clay 30% 30%

A Matter of Materials

Potter’s clay is an amalgamation of millions of years worth of decomposition and erosion by both organic and inorganic substances. I am constantly refining and customizing my medium, but the high-fire stoneware that I currently employ in my studio features a base of pulverized and purified feldspathic rocks which stacks itself in microscopic layers. A number of other minerals and aggregates which give my clay body its signature plasticity and hues are included here as well.

  • Copper 15% 15%
  • Flint 26% 26%
  • Silica 17% 17%


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